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Low dose Naltrexone.

At doses between 1.75 and 4.5 mg, taken between 10 pm and 2 am, Naltrexone binds to opioid receptor sites and results in an increase in endorphin and enkaphalin production that is believed - theorized - to produce a prolonged up-regulation of vital elements of the immune system.
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How to obtain LDN.

  1.  Find a doc to prescribe LDN.

  2.  Find a compounding pharmacy to fill the prescription - as capsules, liquids or creams.

  3.  Other options.



How to obtain low dose Naltrexone.


  1.  Find an LDN prescriber

  2.  Find a compounding pharmacy to

         fill the prescription -

          as capsules, liquids or creams.

  3.  Other options

ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Alzheimer's Disease

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Behcet's Disease

Cancers, many types

... Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer

 ...Carcinoid, Colon & Rectal Cancer

    Glioblastoma, Liver Cancer

    Lung Cancer (Non-Small Cell)

    Lymphocytic Leukemia (chronic)

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    Malignant Melanoma , Multiple Myeloma

    Neuroblastoma, Ovarian Cancer

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    Prostate Cancer (untreated)

    Renal Cell Carcinoma

   Throat Cancer, Uterine Cancer

Celiac Disease

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Hi all, here is a quick run down of the first LDN European Conference - which had a full house!

Dr Tom Gilhooly made the introductions, then Linda Elsegood of the LDN Research Trust discussed how LDN had changed her life for the good.


Mr Stephen Dickson a Glasgow pharmacist and supplier of LDN discussed the problems of late in getting supplies, this is getting 'ironed' out and so all should be well. This is what I think he said as I could not hear him too well. He discussed how long LDN in liquid form will last, and he told us that it was purely guidlines from the industry that made them put a four week 'life' on it, having said that, he said that the LDN in liquid had no preservatives in it and that opening and closing the bottle each time could in theory introduce bacteria. So the guidline of 90 days was a good one.

Dr Burt Berkson spoke of his success with some cancers, more notably pancreatic and I think lymphoma, he discussed ALA and he said that IV was a much better way of getting the optimum result. He suggested 15mgs per Kilo bodyweight I/V. If I remember correctly he said he gave this twice a week. Oral ALA does not have the same benefits as you would need to take much more and some would be destroyed in the liver before it got to the brain and vital organs, he stressed I/V ALA is the best way, but however you take it, you should also be taking Vit's B complex as well to get better results. ALA is said to modify gene expression. Metakephalins(sp?) in LDN slows tumour growth and reduces cell proliferation.

I think it was Dr Gluck who said he told cancer patients to take conventional treatment first and to follow it with LDN and ALA, Dr Gilhooly disagreed and said we should throw everything possible at cancers.

Joe Wouk gave his talk which in some cases was highly amusing, he also spoke of the turn around in his life after taking LDN for MS and of the scandal that gov't is serving the interests of big pharma instead of those of the patients. Joe's internet connection is broken and he cannot get on his own group anymore.

Dr Phil Boyle gave an interesting talk on fertility showing graphs and examples, he was a really good speaker and a delightful man. He told me of a man having some success with various cancers, a Dr Kamil Jurkovic who uses carbimazole, I sent links in an earlier mail but it hasn't come through yet.

The panel did not get too much time to answer questions because the sessions ran over time, but Dr Gilhooly suggested we should certainly take Vitamin D, and Dr Lawrence said everyone should do a zinc test.


As I remember stuff I will write more and hopefully Jayne will remember other things, but the day was a very good one with patients from as far away as South Africa attending, I was sat between two Japanese Dr's and a Dr from Norway.


I gave all the leaflets out that I had printed out re Marilyn and Cris, and sold all of Mary's books, and Mary, I could have sold them ten times over!! I gave the money to Linda Elesgood for the research...........

We were all invited to the pub after the conference where perhaps our good Doctors and friends had a high old time, but since I have a litter of pups at home, I had to leave them to their merriment!!:-)))

The next Conference in Europe already has a date, two days next time, 23rd and 24th April 2010, the first day for medic's and the second day open house for all.........

Will get back if I remember more............

PS. we all got a lovely buffet lunch and fruit, all free, and full bottle size samples of fish oils etc.......


7 videos of 1st European Conference